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Corporate PRO services


The importance of effective PRO services

Legal prerequisite – A foreign employee of a company in the UAE requires a valid Resident visa and work permit which is mandatory. And these documents are also required to pursue other non-business related tasks like the opening of a bank account, acquiring an Emirates ID, getting power connection etc. PRO services are vital for the functioning of business establishments too. Any lapse or negligence from the individual or business establishment may invite fines or penalties or other unfavourable circumstances.

A time-saving service – It is always advisable for companies and business concerns to entrust the PRO related task to a business consultant. The legal formalities connected with the formation and running of a company is complex and requires a lot of time and effort in managing those. Assigning the task to an external agency will help the company concentrate on the fundamental issues.

Advantages of PRO services in UAE:

  • We guarantee you cost saving.
  • We save your time so you may concentrate on your business.
  • Renewal reminder service.
  • On Government initiatives, rules and regulations we will keep regular updates.
  • You will get detailed breakdown and receipts of all government charges and expenses.
  • Generate major savings on unnecessary payroll in terms of salaries, end of service benefits (gratuity), annual leave, airline tickets, medical allowances, car maintenance, fuel, mobile bills, and parking, to mention just a few.

Document Clearing Services

A lot of businessmen are attracted to set up their businesses in Dubai because of its commercial advantages. However, before setting up a business in Dubai, one must go through a long process of bureaucratic and legal procedures.

Document Clearance merely means obtaining the authorized documents required to start up a business. Documents vary from one company type to another, as it depends on the number of appointed employees, nationalities of employees and many more documents.

Documents clearance can be very challenging and confusing as there are constant fluctuations in the business laws and the currency. Therefore, having an agency to help you with the process is the most productive way to reduce cost and time.

We offer document services to individuals to guarantee them the receipt of approvals and attestations they need in their businesses.

Our document attestation service is reliable, fast and economical and adheres to the highest business standards. We keep our clients informed about their documents and update about the status at all times.

Visa Services

JBS offer visa services for both individuals and corporate clients in UAE. The various types of Visa in Dubai, UAE includes Business Visa, Investor visa, Employment Visa, Family visa, Tourist Visa, Freelance Visa and Maid Visa. However, you need to understand the difference between each type of visa to make an ideal choice.


A business visa in the UAE is allowed to expat citizens and their dependents and has long-term validity. The visa is focused on foreign investors and entrepreneurs. It is mandatory for the Business Visa applicants to have considerable professional experience to apply.

As the name suggests, the Investor visa is focused on foreign investors. The investor visa is investment-focused and is aimed at promoting foreign investments in the UAE. The Ministry of UAE issues the visa and the validity is 3 years. The applicant for Investor Visa is required to deposit a fixed minimum amount.

Work (Employment) visa is mandatory for all foreign nationals who would like to pursue a job in the UAE. The Work Permit Visa is issued following the issuance of Entry Permit visa. Work visa may vary based on the type of work and the period of employment. The applicant has to undergo a mandatory medical examination to acquire a Work Visa.

Family visa allows an expatriate resident to sponsor his spouse, children and parents in the UAE. A Family visa is mandatory to enter UAE if you are accompanied by close dependents. Sponsoring is possible only if the expat employee holds a valid Residency permit.

Tourist visa is applicable for foreigners who are not permitted to enter UAE via visa on arrival or visa-free-entry option. Tourist visa has a validity of 30 to 90 days. The applicant’s passport should have a minimum validity of 6 months from the journey date.

Freelance license is issued for professionals who belong to diverse fields like technology and media. Free zone jurisdictions like Dubai Knowledge Park and Dubai Internet City provide Freelance License. A Freelance visa is issued by the Free zone authority of the concerned Free zone. The validity of the Freelance license is 2 years.

A Maid visa is issued in connection with sponsoring a maid or domestic helper in Dubai or UAE. An expat worker should own a valid Maid visa to be employed as a domestic helper in UAE. Other than documentation, the maid’s medical fitness result is a mandatory requirement.